Tank leasing is always better than buying

Georgia Energy Propane has many different sizes of propane tanks available for lease or purchase, both above-ground and in-ground options ranging from 100-gallon to 1,000-gallon capacities.

We recommend that you lease your tank rather than buy it, and here is why:

Why leasing is good

  • Free tank inspection and maintenance — both of which are required for steel tanks holding pressurized gas.
  • Free tank repair — any damage or leakage, and we will fix or replace it at no charge
  • Free tank upsizing or downsizing — if your needs change and you need a larger or smaller tank
  • Most companies don’t offer in-ground tank leases — but Georgia Energy Propane Does!

Why buying is bad

  • You pay for maintenance and inspection — and you are responsible for your tank’s ongoing care
  • You are responsible for any gas leaks — both the lost fuel and the costs of repair or replacement
  • Law prohibits us from filling an improperly maintained tank — for everyone’s protection, we will not make exceptions
  • You need specialized equipment & knowledge — to maintain valves, body exterior (especially tank bottoms), fittings, seals
  • Any service needs or tank swaps will be an expense to you — whereas they are free for our leasing customers!

Our current tank sizes include:

125-gallon propane tank
This tank can be installed adjacent to most homes and buildings. Used mostly for gas logs or supplemental heat. Listed below are the approximate dimensions, as they will vary slightly depending upon the manufacturer.

Outside Diameter 24″
Length 5′-5 13/16″
Leg Spacing 3′ 0″

Outside Diameter 30″
Height 46″

250-gallon and larger residential tanks
Used for home heating and homes with multiple gas appliances such as water heaters, ranges, and clothes dryers. Tanks are available in 250-, 320-, 500- and 1,000-gallon sizes. Listed below are the approximate dimensions, as they will vary slightly depending upon the manufacturer.

250 Gallon
Length 7′ 3″
Height 3′ 4″

320 Gallon
Length 9′
Height 3′ 4″

500 Gallon
Length 9′ 10″
Height 3′ 10″

1,000 Gallon
Length 16′ 10″
Height 4′ 2″

We carefully research all propane tank brands and recommend only the best quality to you. You can depend on us for installation, removal, service, and fuel delivery. Contact us to speak with a representative today!